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Burhanpur . . . The Gateway To Southern India

It is an important endeavour to Disseminate Important and useful information of district administration on the official district website. Through this website our effort is to update the status of important activities and district government plans implementation for the common man. The information of departments is displayed on website, and the instruction is conveyed to the concerned department to keep updated the same.                                                                             

                                                                                                  Shri. Umesh Kumar, IAS


                    Burhanpur is situated on the bank of river Tapti in the state of Madhya Pradesh (M.P) in India. This historical city was founded in about 1400 AD. by the prince Nasir Khan.The city is surrounded by rampart and has several huge gates. It was once the capital during the Mughals (Akbar) rule in India. It has a number of mosques , tombs and Places of historical values. The famous is the Jama Masjid in the heart of the city. The Asirgarh fort was known as "दक्खन का दरवाजा", without wining this fort it was impossible to have control on southern india. More 

Public Notice -मध्यप्रदेश शासन की आपसी सहमती से भूमी क्रय नीति 2014     दिनांक 28/07/2016 दिनांक 28/09/2016 दिनांक 27/10/2016.    दिनांक 01/03/2017   दिनांक 15/03/2017   दिनांक 17/05/2017       दिनांक 18/07/2017   दिनांक 06/12/2017

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जिला बदर प्रकरणो मे पारित आदेश  दिनांक 24/09/2018   दिनांक 24/09/2018   दिनांक 08/10/2018 दिनांक 08/10/2018  दिनांक 15/10/2018 |  दिनांक 15/10/2018 |  दिनांक 16/10/2018  | दिनांक 22/10/2018 | दिनांक 22/10/2018 | दिनांक 29/10/2018 | दिनांक 29/10/2018

   भूमि अर्जन,पुनर्वासन और पुनर्व्यवस्थापन मे उचित प्रतिकर और पारदर्शिता अधिकार अधिनियम-2013 के तहत धारा 21(1) के तहत   

देश -बुरहानपुर जिले की राजस्व सीमा क्षेत्र मे चायना के धागे को पतंगबाजी मे उपयोग करने को प्रतिबंधित किया जाता है ।

लोक सेवा केन्‍द्रों की निविदा - लोक सेवा केन्‍द्र बुरहानपुर , लोक सेवा केन्‍द्र खकनार , लोक सेवा केन्‍द्र नेपानगर शुध्दिपत्र-1 09.03.2019 शुध्दिपत्र-2 शुध्दिपत्र-3 शुध्दिपत्र-4

  Draft Publication SSR 2019-Service Electors

District Election Officer LokSabha Election -2019

RTI Act 2005-Section -4(Department Secheme)- ACTW Burhanpur     जिला स्तरीय पर्यावरण समाघात निर्धारन-कार्यवाही विवरण DEAC- कार्यवाही विवरण DEIAA- कार्यवाही विवरण DEIAA- कार्यवाही विवरण DEIAA- कार्यवाही विवरण     

District  Registrar  Burhanpur Guideline Year  2016-17

 zila Stariya Alpasankhyak 15 Sutriy kriyanvayan samiti

District Survey Report Burhanpur 05/05/2016 



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